New Graduate Blood Needed   28 July 2015, by Johnny

We are once again looking for fresh blood at Village, it's been a year since Dom arrived as a fresh faced recruit and he has now heard all my jokes so it is time to get someone new in. The photo below shows Dom's face (on the right) described by Ste as 'Mortified' for showing what I (on the left) think of as fashion sense, he is now campaigning against dress down Friday as too dangerous.

Dom wishes he wasn't wearing the same shirt as the boss.

In our last round of appraisals we found out why we like working together as a team, well who doesn't. It came down to a sense of empowerment to have your technical opinion listened to, a family feel to the company which I think means that people know that we are looking out for each other and have a sense of values. There is solid and varied work to crack on with and we are enough in touch with our inner geek to enjoy solving business problems by writing software.

I've been talking with some of our clients, most of whom have their own teams, about recruiting software developers and how to find or be found by someone who fits. Because we have to face it we are not Google, we don't have the money to pay super salaries, there isn't a company jet, no-one is going to be resigning their 6 figure salary job in New York to hit the VillagePlex, it is a bit of a lifestyle option I guess. But we do like coming to work, we put food our tables and we get to play with software, what is not to like. Oh and there's dress down Fridays, although to be honest I normally just wear a work shirt to avoid the dangers of T shirt synchronisation shown above.

If you know someone who might want to be part of Village by all means get them to drop us a line, see our careers page, or probably talk to one of the recent graduates. You don't have to have a planet 'T' shirt but realistically you have got to like and be good at programming.