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Multi-client LabCom   21 March 2005, by Johnny

Village's LabCom system, in use at Precision Analysis, has been extended to reach multiple clients. Following the success of the LabCom system in communicating lab testing orders between an Irish client of Precision Analysis, a new multi-client version has been installed, allowing the extension of the service to other Precision customers.

Voovit Payment Pages   8 February 2005, by Johnny

New payment pages for Voovit go live. A more sophisticated payment page, written in .Net, collects data and uses public key encryption to keep the data safe in the database. Additionally, a real-time visual alert system is added in Voovit's offices to make them aware of new actions.

LabCom Release   6 December 2004, by Johnny

Village's Laboratory Communications system allows Precision Analysis to communicate the movement of samples to their Liverpool lab from a customer in Ireland. The solution provides a conventional Windows-looking application, running over a broadband connection to a central database.

Precision are now in discussions with current and potential clients about how to make use of this technology to improve their services.

Beginning Work with Voovit   7 September 2004, by Johnny

International shipment company Voovit signs up Village Software to develop their transaction systems.

Voovit is a rapidly growing company, shipping personal effects all over the world. They operate a no-frills operation, keeping costs very low. Village will be assisting with this by helping them to push forwards the integration of their systems.

Biwater Business Intelligence   6 August 2004, by Johnny

New Management Information System delivered for Village's client, Biwater PLC.
Village developers marshalled existing data generated by Biwater's accounts system and time management system (written by Village) into a 'Data Cube' and used Open Source business intelligence tool Mondrian to present the data, allowing managers to examine the cost and reward for various projects and customers.

Improved Case Management for Bell & Co   12 January 2004, by Johnny

Bell & Co Solicitors go live with a new Case Management System developed by Village Software. This replacement for an old system made an immediate improvement to processing speed. The sophisticated object design allows smooth processing by the legal staff, and automatic generation of various regularly-used materials.

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