We specialise in linking systems

Building bridges between programs requires an appreciation of the workflow, and a versatile tool bag of skills, so that we interact with systems at the right point. Focusing principally on the Microsoft .Net development platform, Village brings years of applied industry experience to the starting line.

We create the interface between back-end systems such as SAP and Sage, and industry standards like Driver Hire Ops and Technique in the printing industry. But we're not limited to those; show us any two systems and we will get right down to analysing exactly what we can do to make things run smoothly.

Did you know we wrote a system which creates a live graph using 43,000 files per day of printing press data?

From complex analysis, design and integration, to smaller pieces of code, we always apply the same stringent principles to ensure value for money, and maximum efficiency for you.

What can we do for you?

To find out, get in touch with us; we're thinkingahead@villagesoftware.co.uk


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