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2020/21 Placement





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2020/21 Placement

General Description:

The post holder will be involved in the development, maintenance and support of business applications. The applications will normally be Windows forms or ASP.net applications connected to back end databases. Development is conducted either in an n-tier development environment using object oriented technologies and techniques or using database business intelligence capabilities. The trainee will develop in the key commercial software development skills including unit testing, refactoring and design patterns.

Duties and Responsibilities:

  • to contribute in software development of business applications,
  • to undertake maintenance and support of business applications
  • to hold discussions with other IT professionals both inside and outside the company
  • to provide client support
  • to contribute to group discussions
  • to undertake personal and skill specific training as requested
  • to share knowledge and skills with co-workers
  • to document work
  • to maintain records and time-sheets
  • to conform with company standard practices such as release procedures
  • to undertake all reasonable duties requested for the benefit of the company

Our ethos:

Village is a great place to work and do serious programming solving business problems. We are growing steadily and breaking into new markets. It's an exciting time to join us!

In recruiting, we will be looking for people who will be good at the job, good for the team and good for our clients.

There is some opportunity to offer a flexible quantity of working hours to accommodate suitable candidates with other responsibilities or interests.


We will be considering the 2020 graduate recruitment and placement opportunities in February 2020. Please email a CV and covering letter to recruit@villagesoftware.co.uk and we will contact you nearer the time.



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