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Permanent, Full-time


£28,000 to £40,000 depending on capability


3+ years experience

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Post: Developer. 

Hours: Post is full time. 

Pay: This post will be paid at £28,000 to £40,000. 

Location: The post based in Liverpool City Centre. 

Agencies: We are only open to direct applications for this role. 

Village Software is looking to expand its development team. We are looking for a software developer with 3->45 years experience. We might expect someone with 3+ years experience to be near the bottom end of this pay scale. Higher experience or capability higher up the scale. 

If you join the team you will be involved in a range of front end (largely Angular), back end (C#) programming and a range of related activities.  

Village is a warm place to work and do serious programming solving business problems. We are looking for great programmers. In recruiting we will be looking for people who will be good at the job, good for the team and good for our clients. Please check our general careers site to see if this is for you, and come and visit before applying. There is some opportunity to offer a flexible quantity of working hours to accommodate suitable candidates with other responsibilities or interests. But note we are office based Tue/Wed/Thu on some occasions other times in office are required to support junior staff or meet project cycles.

We will offer a chance to become part of an enthusiastic supportive team of people who like to get stuck into commercial programming. We are looking for a permanent team member so rather than knowing specific technologies to date, becoming a great programmer within our team is our guiding principle.  

If you are interested we suggest you arrange to come in and chat to some of the existing team and get a feel for whether you would be happy here. 

The Job  

  • The post holder will be involved in the development, maintenance and support of business applications.  
  • The applications will often be working in C# to develop back end systems with browser based front ends generally in Angular 
  • The applications will involve a range of technologies including SQL. Supported by our specialist data team. 
  • A developer will work in key commercial software development skills including unit testing, refactoring and design patterns.  
  • Working alongside other experienced software developers the post holder will expect to be developed into a valuable member of the software development team.   


  • Candidate is expected to have communication skills suitable for holding discussions with end users of systems. They must have the gravitas to confidently work alongside client’s staff.   
  • A background and enthusiasm for software development is essential.
  • Demonstrable programming skills and experience are required. 
  • A good technical degree with a substantial software element would be typical. However other demonstrations of technical aptitude and competence and experience are acceptable.  
  • The end work will involve C# .net, a proven track record in this or an equivalent language is essential. 
  • We expect people to be keen, excited by and competent at programming. We expect people to be technically curious as to how things work. 
  • There is more to programming than coding, we expect solid software engineering practices suitable for enterprise systems.

What does a good programmer look like? 

When a good programmer has finished working on a piece of code it is in a better state than when they found it. Better structures, better tested, more readable more SOLID. We encourage our junior staff to achieve this too of course, but more senior staff this is what you must want to and be able to do.

Programming not your skill set, but wish you could work here? 

We provide full stack development, UX design, data management and business development. We are always happy to hear from people who have a reason to want to be part of the Village Team and have the competence and attitude to make it work. We’re happy to read a CV and have an informal coffee.  

More Junior?

We take on interns and graduates through a formal set of assessments which we advertise early in the calendar year. 

More Senior? 

There is room for senior developers, but there is more to this even than writing great code. We expect all our team to be collaborating and making their colleagues better all the time. Being a senior dev, at least as we do it, is about leading teams putting great software together. There is room to grow to a senior dev position from the role above. We don't tend to advertise directly for senior roles but feel free to get in touch.

Feel free to get in touch. We are not able to meet up with recruitment agencies at this point. 


Applying for this position

Please send a covering letter along with your current CV to

with the title 'Developer'