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Lance Edusei 09/10/2018

The Twelfth Man: Why Software Systems Give Companies The Critical Edge - Part II

In the first of this two-part series, we discussed why modern organisations need to understand and adapt to the technological landscape they find themselves in. In this s…

Lance Edusei 14/09/2018

The Twelfth Man: Why software systems give companies the critical edge

Integrating new IT systems into existing organisations has long been notoriously difficult, expensive and error-prone ... but ... one stubborn issue seems to remain ...

Lance Edusei 14/08/2018

Navigating the Evolving Web - Part IV: VueJS

VueJS is unique amongst the frameworks represented here in that it is not backed by a multi-million dollar company but rather by a small team. Evan You was working at Goo…

Lance Edusei 25/05/2018

Navigating the Evolving Web - Part III: React

React was very much a product of its time. The technological turbulence of 2013 brought with it tectonic changes. Mobile had risen to become the No.1 digital consumer pla…

Lance Edusei 04/05/2018

Navigating the Evolving Web - Part II: Angular

Angular has the longest history of the three frameworks we are looking at with development going back to 2009. However, 2014 saw a complete rebuild of the platform. The o…

Lance Edusei 27/04/2018

Navigating the Evolving Web - Part I

In the beginning, the web was ... relatively simple. A site had text and pictures and links to other sites with more text and more pictures. And it was good. Over time, …