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LabCom 2.0   12 July 2006, by Johnny

A fundamental rewrite of Village's Laboratory communication (LabCom) package, to release 2.0, prepares it for new features. With an improved look, version 2 creates the basis for document production and uploading, and other additional features. Village intends to outdo competing, old-style applications by offering a better Windows based, Internet connected experience, and a pay as you go pricing model.

Seven Technologies CRM   3 February 2006, by Johnny

Village software engineer, Margaret Macaskill, is currently assissting Seven Technologies with integrating document management into a Microsoft CRM case management tool. Village developers last worked with this group of developers years ago on an Oracle ASP project. Seven is one of several software companies with which Village maintains close relations.

Voovit Changes go Live   29 November 2005, by Johnny

The new format web site goes live. The low cost shipper has gone live with its new 'Making Shipping Simple' web site, for which Village Software provided a great deal of the backend processing system.

Voovit uses eCommerce with custom-made components behind the scenes, to take costs out of shipping students' goods to and from the UK. Village is delighted to be supporting this growing business.

GMT Explodes   4 November 2005, by Johnny

Colleagues at Village's Sage partner, GMT Solutions, were surprised on Friday 4th when the factory next door to their offices suddenly exploded. We understand that fortunately everyone walked away from the incident. Currently our colleagues are working from the top floor of their building while some resulting flooding is dealt with. We hope they will all be back to normal soon.

Welcome Lance and Tain   25 August 2005, by Johnny

Village welcomes Lance Edusei to the software development team. Lance, who has formerly worked on projects for Unilever and the United Nations, brings a substantial volume of software development experience to strengthen the team. Lance is currently being inducted into Villages development and testing methodologies, and will be working on developing the market for Village's LabCom system.

We also welcome Tain Dong (Baker), working with Village for

LabCom Spreading, Enriching   16 May 2005, by Johnny

...growing their business without expensive, full LIMS

Village's LabCom system customer continues the rollout of LabCom to key clients. Birmingham-based company Water Technology Ltd are looking at using the system to improve the speed of results transit back to the lab at Precision Analysis.

Village MD Jonathan Read comments "This is an example of a pair of growing companies using IT to improve their joint business without having to put the large sums of money and management time into a full LIMS (Laboratory Information Management System). It has been made possible by Village Software Engineers exploiting broadband technologies."

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