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04/09/2015 written by Ste

Contactless payments in the UK; a history

Contactless payment saves you time when you check out that coffee/bag of shopping/train ticket. But …

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26/06/2015 written by

Why Azure?

Microsoft Azure is a service we use to host websites, web services, and databases, powered by Micros…

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09/01/2015 written by Ste

Kiosk Printer Language (KPL)

Zebra brand printers are an industry standard in thermal printing, and they work great in our smart …

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07/11/2014 written by Ste

How Smartcards work

Smart cards with ITSO are very powerful. The technology can come on a plethora of cards, and store a…

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22/10/2014 written by Johnny

Working with Spire and Ingenico

One of our team's most recent pieces of work has been integrating payment devices into kiosk solutio…

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