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Live life by the keyboard...   21 October 2014, by Sue

Ctrl Alt Del

Challenge complete - £30,000 raised for Rett Syndrome!   17 July 2014, by Sue

Not only did they complete the gruelling 14 day cycle through 14 countries, they won the Volunteer Fundraisers of the Year awards with Dee 103 radio, and raised an amazing £30,000 for Reverse Rett!

Mike (far left)At The Volunteer Awards

"Although we were the ones who rode the bikes, it wouldn't have been possible without the support of everybody who backed our challenge. I'd just like to thank everyone at Village for the support that was given to myself and the team." — Mike Banner

Merseyside Innovation Awards Final   10 July 2014, by Sue

Three strong finalists but only one winner - BAC Mono! 

Each of the finalists were strong contenders and would have been worthy winners of the £10,000 prize. BAC Mono won based on their use of innovation throughout their business at all stages including design, build, production and supplier engagement resulting in the unique BAC Mono - the world's first road-legal single seater production car. Their impact on Merseyside will be great and many new jobs will be created.

It was a great event and Village Software are indeed proud to have been part of the team of sponsors. We look forward to doing so again next year.

Finalists At 2014 MIA

BAC MonoBAC Mono 2

Above: The BAC Mono Car.

Pulmrphiox and Ultromex were the runners up and receive £2,000 worth of business consultancy each.

Please help us now to search new and innovative talent within Merseyside and encourage people to consider entering in 2015!

Every applicant gets the opportunity for some local PR and support and throughout the year there are monthly winners too.

The guest list for the final audience in July includes business leaders, professionals, investors and finance experts - useful people to be presenting your idea too!

Johnny was not idle whilst the finalists were being assessed by the judges:

Johnny MIA InterviewA video showing the event aimed at informing and generating new applicants for next year will be out shortly! (featuring Johnny of course!).... watch this space.

Mike's on his bike!!   31 May 2014, by Sue


14 countries in 14 days to include some rather high alpine passes!

From the comfort of our desks here at Village we will be eagerly watching him and tracking his progress. In fact we’ve turned it into a little technical electronic challenge – “The Mapomatic” -  plotting his progress converting latitude and longitude  co-ordinates, running it through stepper code, resulting in a little bike tracking its way across a physical map of Europe! We’re always up for a challenge and a digital map linked to gps co-ordinates was considered too easy!!

Why is Mike committing to this gruelling 1500 mile ride?

To raise money and awareness of Rett Syndrome which affects young girls from about 12 months of age. It affects nearly every aspect of these girls' lives; taking away their ability to walk, talk and use their hands. Many girls have problems with breathing and eating. Many have seizures.

If you’d like to learn a little more about the trip have a look at:

Research has shown that girls with Rett do not have brain damage. They know and understand much more than their bodies allow them to show - but they are locked in, trapped by a body that cannot obey signals from their brain.

There is currently no treatment for it but there is hope in the form of recent research.

And if you’d like to support Mike and the team, you can donate on TeamCiara's JustGiving page

A worthy cause indeed.

Monthly Winner of the Merseyside Innovation Awards   19 March 2014, by Sue

Sue Roberts had the very onerous task of presenting a bottle of champagne to the February winners of the awards! Radwraps were delighted and Sue was able to learn a little more about their innovative solution for brightening up radiators – and indeed any metal surfaces – we think our filing cabinets are likely to be next on the list for a face-lift!

"This is such an easy and cost-effective solution for transforming something ugly into something fun" she said. "The options are limitless and Radwraps are now well placed to make the most of their expanding market – particularly having recently secured exclusive licences for major football clubs."

The Merseyside Innovation Awards committee is still accepting entries for 2014, with a winner chosen each month by the judging panel. Village Software are pleased to continue their sponsorship. Further details about Radwraps and other applicants can be found on the Merseyside Innovation Awards website.

Three entrants from those who applied this year will be selected for the final in July. So, if you have an innovative idea or service and think you might be eligible then check out the website and apply online, or contact Jean Hughes via email or on 0151 255 2300.

What Price Peace of Mind?   14 March 2014, by Sue

You’ve got an issue – you can’t use your software and the clock is ticking...

Support is so much more than just a helpdesk facility to log a fault. Ask anyone who has tried waiting for a response from the Microsoft helpdesk! There's:

  • Support for a fault – either software or hardware, and it's not always easy to determine if they are related or not
  • Support for the users – to re-assure and explain if they are unfamiliar with the software 
  • Support for 'no fault found' – when the fault can’t be replicated and may have been caused by a user error – not our fault but either way it needs fixing!
  • Support – for those minor little development tweaks that make the software more user-friendly.
  • Support – when integrated third party software no longer 'communicates' – eg Twitter, YouTube 

It's not easy to put a price tag on the comfort of knowing that there's a team there to help you; developers who are familiar with your system and often your users, and agreed day rates so you know you are not paying an inflated price for that immediate response.

No wonder more and more customers are choosing the option of a blended support and development contract so that whether it is a development tweak, a fix, or a user error the result is the same – a solution!

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