How we work

When you entrust your bespoke software project to us, we're fully aware of exactly what you are trusting us with.

Remarkable software can require a considerable investment, not just of capital, but of time, focus, and emotional energy. So you want to work with real people who are transparent, thoughtful, and friendly. We embody these things in our company values:

Collaboration and partnership

The start of a project is often called the "point of maximum ignorance". You are the expert on your business domain, and that is why input from your stakeholders and future users is crucial to developing a quality product.

We, on the other hand, are the experts on modelling complex concepts using program code and user interfaces, and we will work with you as partners - on an even footing - to understand what you need and how we can deliver the best solution possible.

How does this look in practice? For us, collaboration and partnership means:

We don't "go dark"

Regular updates on progress and workload, keeping you apprised of what we're working on and why.

We relish relationship

People and interactions. Beginning and maintaining healthy relationships with companies like yours which reflect similar values of co-operation.

We stay on the ball

Responding to change from all kinds of sources. Planning studiously while being responsive to changes in the scope and aims of your project.

Curiosity and sharp thinking

Software developers are instinctive question-askers, trained to ask the right questions. Even when we are co-working within our team, the mantra goes uninterrupted; "You want to do it that way, but why do you want to do that - what are we trying to achieve?". It is our curiosity that drives correct analysis, deeper understanding, and the ability to solve the right problem.

After useful curiosity has been satisfied, it's time to employ what we like to call "sharp thinking". Sharp thinking cuts to the core of each requirement, applying what we've learned about the 'what' and the 'why' to arrive triumphantly with an answer to 'how'. Sharp thinking sees many roads to success and chooses the one that fits the team, the customer, and the conditions.

We are all always developing these skills, using internal mentorship to help every developer become more skilled, more analytical, and more inventive in the pursuit of well-made software.

Expertise and knowledge

All the collaboration and curiosity in the world would come to nothing if we weren't also experts and masters of our craft.

Our staff have an enormous breadth of professional qualifications and experience. Taking our craft seriously means perpetual self-improvement and group improvement. We love to help one another learn more useful stuff, deepening one another's expertise in disciplines across the board. That means getting better not just at coding, but also agile working and the operational skills that orbit software development, commonly called DevOps.

We have qualified experts in C#, Business Intelligence, the Azure cloud and Project Management, as well as field-leading thinkers in web technologies and data warehousing.

There is depth and dependability in choosing a team like us, where the workspace is in fact a vivid forum for sharing the greatest techniques in tech, old or new.

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