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Azure Synapse Analytics: Benefits and Application for the NHS

Author: Graham James 01/07/2024

In today's data-driven world, the healthcare sector stands to benefit significantly from advanced analytics solutions. Among the numerous tools available, Azure Synapse Analytics emerges as a standout platform, particularly for the NHS. As an adviser to NHS Trusts for Data Analytics and B…

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Graham James 16/05/2024

Seize the Data Podcast

Seize the Data Podcast. Discussing the What, How and Why of your companies data strategy.

Graham James 28/04/2024

7 Effective Habits of Data-Driven Organisations

In the era of digital transformation, data has emerged as a critical asset for organisations seeking to gain a competitive edge. The ability to harness and leverage data …

Graham James 12/04/2024

Key elements to drive solution design

You've got the key people in the room. You know the insights that will make a difference to the organisation. You’ve built a data integration matrix to deliver them to th…

Graham James 12/04/2024

How to plan your data analytics strategy

Data. We know it holds power but it’s not always obvious how to use it to your advantage.  If you’re an organisation looking to develop a data analytics strategy it take…

Graham James 12/04/2024

So you want to be data driven... but do you know what it means?

The press is awash with the importance of digitisation, we hear stories good and bad about the power and perils of data.  You've probably got lots of it yourself. You mi…

Dominic Bisset 20/03/2024

Data Quest 2024 Round Up

On Friday, Village Software held its fourth edition of Data Quest, a data mining competition for students. Here's what went down.

Graham James 05/12/2023

3 Real-Life Business Intelligence Success Stories

What is Business Intelligence (BI)? Business Intelligence, commonly abbreviated as BI, is a technology-driven process that involves the analysis and presentation of data…

Graham James 31/10/2023

The Horrors of data chaos: symptoms that your business is a victim

Data chaos lurks in many businesses, often operating in plain sight but in heavy disguise so as to not to be identified. Data chaos causes a nightmare of disorganised, di…

Helen Macaskill 23/07/2023

Data Quest 2023

In May Village software hosted Data Quest, a competition to engage university students from across the North West to work in teams to solve a business intelligence relate…