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Thoughts from SQLBits

Author: Dominic Bisset 22/02/2018

SQL is a declarative language: you say what you want, and the tool itself decides how to achieve that goal.  It’s a programming paradigm that I enjoy.  I can focus on the large-scale business problem rather than worrying about the minutiae of accessing the data. Perhaps I could be accused…

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16/02/2018 Kat Todd

SQLBits 2017: A Look Back

This time next week Dominic & I will be absorbing the latest in data development at SQLBits in London.  Last year I went with the aim of improvin…

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09/02/2018 Tom French

Top Features From My First Adventure With Angular

As an intern who had just joined Village Software, I initially had no experience with the Angular framework. I had built some simple websites in the p…

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02/02/2018 Mike Banner

Challenging Ideas, Sparking Innovation

Software development and user interface design, like most disciplines, requires individuals to make progress by stretching the current realms of knowl…

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01/02/2018 Ste Griffiths

3 Software Ideas to Step up Your Business in 2018

The start of the year is a great time to get strategic. What is the big development project which is going to set Your Company apart in 2018? Your ima…

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26/01/2018 Ste Griffiths

Working With NordicID RFID Readers

Recently we've been working on a solution for a client which is very heavy on RFID. The client has specified NordicID EXA31 and EXA51 readers for scan…

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25/01/2018 Ste Griffiths

Tactical Resourcing by Village

Lots of companies now have internal software development teams, but even so, there always seem to be more projects to finish than hands to work on the…

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19/01/2018 Mike Banner

Making a 'Special Contribution' Beyond the Code

The fact I am writing this post on the Village Software website probably gives away the fact that I am a software developer in my day job. However, th…

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12/01/2018 Dominic Bisset

Database DevOps

DevOps is a well-established practice when it comes to application development but migrating databases poses additional problems.  There could be diff…

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11/12/2017 Graham James

ZAP BI Joins Village Partner Family

The key to any Enterprise wide Business intelligence (BI) project is the integration of data from multiple data sources. BI and visualisation tools cr…

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