Software Development

Your organisation is unique

Innovation and change are vital for a thriving organisation. Bespoke software empowers you to lead the way.

Software development is a wide-ranging craft that requires expertise in every stage; from understanding a business need, through fine-tuned design, to the delivery of a valuable software asset.

Having a partner like us by your side, to guide you through that journey and deliver tangible results at regular stages, will give you confidence that the software solution meets your vision.



Layered Systems

Successful, maintainable and scalable software solutions are layered; often in terms of front-end, back-office, and database tiers. Theory and experience inform the best architecture for your business scenario.


Application Programming Interfaces are the key to communication between software components. Whether integrating a new piece of hardware or geographically separated systems, Web Services and other APIs are critical to success.


Ranging from simple CSV files through to cube-based visualisations of data, many software solutions have a reporting element. Business Intelligence requires a strategic view of information, and provides KPIs and visualisations.

User Interface Design

Expert user interface design leads to better outcomes for users, and more visibility of what will be delivered. Wireframes and storyboards give you the opportunity to be a key part of the design process, giving you confidence in an excellent and well-suited end result.

Cloud Platforms

Hosting solutions on a cloud platform gives a strong boost to system availability and connectedness. The powerful components on offer improve development time and results, and the pay-as-you-go structure leads to a whole new service paradigm compared to traditional hosted servers.


Designing for mobility requires all the skills for web application development, with additional considerations such as offline operation, data allowance and battery life. Users of mobile applications expect a fully-featured experience on a much smaller footprint; exceptional UX design is essential.

Some of our recent projects

21st Century plc

We worked on the design, build and maintenance of all software running on Ticket Vending Machines (TVM) and back-office systems, for 21st Century Passenger Systems. This software provides user experience (UX), workflow, and integration with printers, card readers, payment devices and third-party services. The back-office systems are bespoke web based applications which allow customers and internal support to manage the estate of TVMs. 

Village Software’s role in the product has been to design and build the software element from ground up, using ASP.Net MVC with Entity Framework and Microsoft SQL Server, through a proof of concept stage and to the position now where bringing a new customer on-board is a configuration and installation task with occasional bespoke elements for customer specific requirements.


ZyroFisher needed a web-based sales application to allow their salespeople to very quickly input product codes and quantities while the application calculates total pricing, based on the combination of items in the order. The application has a tabbed browsing system which lets salespeople alternately work on baskets from multiple customers, so they can leave an order open, and come back to finish it later with no hassle. There is a full authentication and permissions system built in, providing varying access to 'override' features. The application runs on portable and desktop devices and can be accessed on the road, as well as in the office.

Highways England

Village Software designed, developed and maintain a centralised API, database and user interface for Highways England. The purpose of the software system is to allow Highways England and traffic monitoring equipment suppliers to validate the systems on test, against live video footage. They do this through our interactive system which processes real-time traffic information from the equipment, via our API, to a centralised data store.

The API is a Microsoft WCF application to which suppliers post using RESTful or SOAP/XML protocols, and which saves to a Microsoft SQL database. The User interface is a single page AngularJS application making asynchronous calls to ASP.Net MVC controllers. 

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