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Application Mid Developers


Application Mid Developer


£35,000 - £45,000


Working on functionally rich business applications, C# /Angular (or equivalent)/SQL/ good communication skills

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Application Mid Developers

As a company we have a range of software developers, we are not actively recruiting into a mid developer role, but we are open to direct applications of people who think they might fit, and this would suite this part of their career as a member of out team. We normally offer these jobs as full time or 80% full time equivalent, depending on peoples circumstances.

Village employs a range of developers, the more great people who want to be part of things the better, from new graduates to experienced senior developers. Developers work on a range of full stack development, normally this involves a database, a C# application layer and a web front end written with Angular. But there are a range of applications with variants on this technology. 

We recruit for long term team members so are looking for potential rather than a particular technology expertise. Although we also have some freelancers involved in projects who are also welcome to drop us a line.

Developer Job:

Post holders are involved in the development, maintenance, and support of full stack developments

  • The front end will usually depend on a range of browser technologies including JavaScript, TypeScript, HTML, CSS, we focus on Angular.
  • The back end will be written in C# with good programming practice expected. 

We normally recruit full stack developers used to complex functionality and object design. But we are open to people for focus on the front end Angular, JavaScript, Design, UX.


  • Competence with Angular or another similar web framework.
  • JavaScript, CSS and related technical skills.
  • C#, Object oriented development, Refactoring, Unit Testing, Entity Framework.
  • Developers need to have communication skills suitable for holding discussions with technical professionals about how to implement solutions.

Other Skills: 

In addition to the core coding and software design skills we are involved in a range of other software engineering skills including, qa, testing, ux-design, business analysis etc. We know that experienced developers have some capabilities in some or all these fields and we would look to find space for these to be developed and used. 

Software Engineering Practice 

We aspire to produce high quality code, if you find object-oriented analysis, design patterns, unit testing strategies, refactoring rewarding then you should fit in with where the company is going.

We see software engineering as a team activity where we learn from each other and contribute to each progress.

We application development and business intelligence projects, this post is for the application development team.

We are looking for people who share our values:

  • Curiosity and Sharp Thinking – We enjoy thinking through problems, designing solutions, and helping to build the understanding and insights our clients need.
  • Collaboration and Partnership - We enjoy working closely and collaboratively with our technical colleagues, clients and suppliers – combining our collective knowledge and skills to build exceptional solutions.
  • Expertise and Knowledge – Village Software is for people who are enthusiastic and excited about learning and becoming a craftsperson with technology. Programming is fun and we are constantly striving to improve, both individually and collectively. 
  • Integrity and Passion – Integrity and passion is in our DNA. We work on complex projects involving multiple stakeholders, bringing clear thinking, professionalism, energy, and passion to everything to do.

Place of Work:

Normal place of work will be in Village’s pleasant offices in the commercial district of Liverpool next to Moorfield station. However, work might involve periods of work based at clients in the Merseyside on rare occasions travelling further afield. This is unusual but it does happen. 

All team members should be near enough to commute without it being a hassle, this is a role that involves working together in the office for much of the week. Others have Remote First hybrid jobs, but this is not one.

Currently the team is office based 3 days a week (Tue/Wed/Thu currently). With two days a week hybrid some members work from the office all week some work from home Monday, Friday, some from the office.

Career opportunities:

We are committed to providing career development and enhanced opportunities through continuous knowledge transfer, learning and mentoring. Our developers work closely and collaboratively with clients on engineering solutions. As such we are looking for technical people who are also natural collaborators.


We hear a lot from agencies, and you are always welcome to punt in some ideas. But this role is targeted at direct entries who particularly want to be part of Village.

Applying: Please send a covering letter along with your current CV to the contact named below.

Contact: 0151 709 7728;




Applying for this position

Please send a covering letter along with your current CV to

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