3 Software Ideas to Step up Your Business in 2018

Date: Thursday, February 1, 2018

The start of the year is a great time to get strategic. What is the big development project which is going to set Your Company apart in 2018? Your imagination is going to be much better than ours, especially when it comes to your company. But whatever idea you have to push your business into the future, we are ready to bring a top-notch implementation.

Here are some inspirations:

1. Find it, track it, monitor it

Happy cartoon man with bullseye target

In the connected world of 2018, why should anything go missing? From a hydraulic breaker to a water sample, a shipment or a sale. We can find it, follow it, and analyse it. Last year alone we worked on at least five different data collection and monitoring solutions that I can remember. Every customer needs something shaped slightly differently so that they can ensure that nothing slips through the cracks.

We all know that privacy and security are becoming ever more important as security breaches enter the limelight. That's why we build for privacy from first principles, as well as staying firmly on top of GDPR and associated legislation.

2. Organise smoothly

Resources to organise

Do your people spend a long time organising your other people? How many spreadsheets, databases and documents do you have just to track shifts, visits, and appointments? Not to mention keeping up-to-date with qualifying paperwork and credentials.

Well, the right software could do away with all of that. Dream big - where's the wasted organisational effort in your business? Let's cut it out together.

3. Self-service SOS

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There are loads of things your skilled team have to take care of. Not every customer enquiry should fall into that category! Whether it's web, phone, chat, or omni-channel; self-service can come to the rescue and save your staff more time than you might think.

In an intelligent self-service system, customers and users can do what they came to do automatically, without taking up precious resource time. Many processes traditionally served by customer reps can be automated in this way - like finding an account balance, tracking a shipment, or connecting with an engineer.

What might this look like for your company?

Keep dreaming

I hope I gave you some fuel for imagination! Get in touch with us if you want to flesh out your big idea for the year ahead.

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