An Excellent Final!

Date: Saturday, August 20, 2016

Reach and Rescue were the proud winners of the 2016 Merseyside Innovation Awards but what an exciting final it was with Immersive Interactive and Extreme Low Energy as close contenders! With their £10,000 prize Reach and Rescue are planning to put their life-saving equipment through Solas final accreditation.

It was our intention this year to be able to give some recognition to established businesses in the larger turnover bracket of £1m - £25m. We were looking for businesses that are focused on innovation and bring their new ideas and process into their business model. Perceptive Engineering were the proud winners of the award. You can read a little more about them and their advanced process control systems here:

Rob McLoughlin was our compere for the night and gave some entertaining insights whilst ensuring the whole evening progressed smoothly.

Our thanks must go to all who applied throughout the year and in particular to the three finalists who put so much time and effort in preparing for the final.

Reach and Rescue
Extreme Low Entergy (ELe)
Immersive Interactive

Good luck to all of you!