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Johnny Read 16/09/2021

Insider Media identify Village Software as “One to Watch”

Village Software are one of 30 businesses identified as Liverpool’s most inspirational companies to watch by North West Business Insider.

Johnny Read 10/02/2021

5P’s of Lockdown Worklife, Play, Potential, Purpose, Punctuation, Presence.

10 months after we initially dispersed the Village team to our homes, how are we doing. Well operationally and commercially things have been OK. We’ve been able to help c…

Johnny Read 22/01/2020

Data Quest 2020 is coming!

We have been planning the 2nd coming of Village Data Quest on 21st of February 2020, a BI puzzle to talent spot the upcoming talent in business intelligence. Under our Da…

Johnny Read 13/01/2020

2020: Let's Get Productive

The UK statistics society has given the UK productivity growth  of 0.3% in the 2010’s the accolade of “statistic of the decade”. By comparison spending on the NHS rose by…

Johnny Read 14/08/2019

The Liverpool Data Science & Analytics gathering is returning on 17th of September

Liverpool Data Science & Analytics (DS&A) meetup aims to bring together a community of people who are interested in all things data. This group is having a bit of…

Johnny Read 25/02/2019

Machine Learning Fun

A January Friday we had a machine learning research day, a team of Village Engineers got together to look at an industrial machine learning problem.   Everybody likes a p…

Johnny Read 09/03/2018

Introducing: The Village Data Quest

We have been planning the Village Data Quest, a BI puzzle to talent spot the upcoming talent in business intelligence. Under our Data Quest Moto 'Habeo Omnes Oves' (if yo…

Johnny Read 22/10/2014

Working with Spire and Ingenico

One of our team's most recent pieces of work has been integrating payment devices into kiosk solutions for a client. The business of taking a payment from a card and pin …