introduction to Business Intelligence (BI) for business leaders

Date: Wednesday, April 28, 2021

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All businesses generate data, and lots of it.  Data can provides incredibly powerful information and insights which transform decision making across organisations. For most businesses, the problem is their data is not readily accessible - often stored in silo's across a plethora of excel spreadsheets and platforms such as ERP systems, CRM systems and accountancy software.

If your data is connected and dynamic it provides business intelligence that can transform any and every aspect of how your business plans, operates and reports performance. It provides real-time insight to help make better, informed decisions.

Transforming your data into Business Intelligence unlocks untold potential for a business.

This guide is an introduction to Business Intelligence (BI) for business leaders. It includes:

    • An introduction to what BI is, and how it works
    • Everyday signs that indicate your business does not have sufficient BI
    • Examples of the insights BI provides [with examples for Operations, HR, Marketing, and Sales]
    • Data dashboards - what your business data could actually look like [with examples]
    • The benefits of BI in transforming your business insights
    • The 5 stages of a company's data journey: which stage is your business at?

Download Introduction to Business Intelligence eBook

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