Merseyside Innovation Awards 2018 - Another year!

Date: Tuesday, October 17, 2017

We're so pleased to be sponsoring the Merseyside Innovation Awards again this year ... can't believe we are already getting ready for 2018 applicants!

Over the years we seen some fantastic innovations and it's been really rewarding being able to help raise the profile of those innovations.

There are a diverse group of sponsors all keen to offer support where possible throughout the year - and that is for all applicants, not just the monthly winners or finalists.

In January we'll be starting the review process again, so have a look at the website and if you think you or your organisation are being innovative in some way it may well be worth your while to register and get the recognition you deserve!


Sue Roberts

Putting effective solutions together takes more than great technical skills and process. Sue has extensive experience in the information solutions field, which she deploys to ensure Village develops long term clients, not flash in the pan projects. She also helps to ensure that we are not just clever programmers but we provide an infrastructure around our work to ensure we are a sure footed and reliable partner to our clients.

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