Some days you just get the nice jobs!

Date: Tuesday, April 16, 2019

We were delighted today to present Liz from Orcha with their winner's certificate and bottle of bubble! Orcha are the Merseyside Innovation Award winner for the month of March. It is their desire to positively impact upon our health by facilitating the distribution of trusted apps that drives their company. 

Village Software have been sponsors of the Merseyside Innovation Awards for many years and it is a privilege to be able witness some of the amazing dedication, enthusiasm and passion that goes into these innovative businesses at all levels. The awards help to raise profile, give recognition to all the hard work and perseverance that is needed to forge ahead with innovation. 

To learn a little more detail about Orcha click on the link below 

Sue Roberts

Putting effective solutions together takes more than great technical skills and process. Sue has extensive experience in the information solutions field, which she deploys to ensure Village develops long term clients, not flash in the pan projects. She also helps to ensure that we are not just clever programmers but we provide an infrastructure around our work to ensure we are a sure footed and reliable partner to our clients.

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