Tactical Resourcing by Village

Date: Thursday, January 25, 2018

Lots of companies now have internal software development teams, but even so, there always seem to be more projects to finish than hands to work on them. Does it sound familiar?

Our clients have found it extremely helpful from time to time to use us as a "Tactical resource". You might call in a tactical resource because there is a new value-adding feature which absolutely has to go live next week and not enough capacity in-house to make it happen, or perhaps because you need to free up the team to work on the Next Big Thing but they're still tied up with the Previous Big Thing.

Here are three ways to apply a tactical resource which we really did in 2017:

1. Permission to do your job

By bringing in a skilled and disciplined contractor like us, you free up your talent; they can stop scrabbling towards release and start being strategic about what's next.

For example, we worked with an IT director who was so short-handed that they were having to personally tackle the development work. That IT director is now free to do his job: planning the digital future of the business.

2. Flatten the mountain

Much like using the cloud for computational power on-demand, using developer resources on-demand reduces your risk. When a peak time of work comes, we can deploy talented developers to make a molehill out of it, smoothing out the peaks and troughs of development work. Last year, we helped a single lead developer at a recruitment company to build and deploy an SMS send/receive/track system in just 7 days. Impossible alone, possible with us.

3. Completer-Finishers

So many software projects in this world are 80% done. Somehow that last 20% always tries to take up 80% of the time! The good news is that we have a whole lot of those completer-finisher types who bring a tenacious eye for detail and keen analysis to the table. We will find out what needs to get done, and we will do it. No unfinished project can withstand the power of a Village ToDo list.

We recently took on a project which was dropped by the previous developer and doomed to a long development hiatus. By working hard and asking the key questions, we made sure it went live last month, and already we are being asked to work on the next sprint of changes to improve the value to the customer.

All wrapped up in a bunch of lovely people

To top it off, we're good people to work with. Honestly, we're here to get your project done so that you can be more productive - we love UK businesses and get a warm feeling just from seeing them thrive. It's not endless terms and conditions and contracts. Being agile is about working software and working relationships, and we want to give you an outstanding experience of both.

Author: Ste Griffiths