Industrial Real Time Reporting

Client: Prinovis

Industry: Printing

Project Location: Liverpool, UK

Came to Village for: Business Intelligence

Prinovis’ UK factory is part of an Anglo-German Subsidiary of Bertelsmann. As with any large-scale manufacturing business efficiency and waste are key issues.

The Problem

Prinovis were already using sophisticated manufacturing systems with real-time shop floor data collection but they had no way of evaluating the balance of speed, waste and uptime on the production line; dynamic visibility was required.

The pressure of working in an internationally competitive market puts a constant demand upon management to report and reflect the changing business priorities.

Village was already supporting a number of Enterprise Integration projects and Business Intelligence and Reporting projects at Prinovis and was appointed to deliver the solution.

Prinovis UK utilises the Technique MIS system from EFI to manage their printing operation across the printing and finishing operations. While these
systems provide sources for current state and end of shift reporting they did not provide minute by minute capabilities that were required.
Machine operators and the wider operations team needed a facility to show how a shift is going and how a shift went. To complement the array of shift summary sources that they have.

The Solution

It was determined to develop a live dashboard and Village had to identify and secure the minute by minute changes in the data of the production systems using .net technologies. Once secured this data was imported into a SQL database. The data was then made available to a customised dashboard system that provided a live graph of the last half a day production of a specific or group of machines. Additional functionality was delivered providing the ability to deliver a passive system allowing a screen to be configured for one of or a group of systems. This system has an interactive mode allowing the zooming in and out of details from the previous weeks and creating images for reports and discussions.

The Challenges

Data not captured in 60 seconds is permanently lost, so consideration in the design is given to minimising the size of the core data capture system to reduce the possibility of issues, placing the higher level data capture functions in additional systems. Systems run 24/7 so consideration is also given to recovery from planned and unplanned system issues.

The Results

The systems allowed a focus on tactically important emphasis for operations. Additionally, to this, the capture of minute by minute data has been incorporated into later reporting systems that have become necessary with chances in the market. Demonstrating that well-organised data allows a responsive approach to changing business demands.

“Collecting data from various sources, the reporting cubes provide us a valuable insight into our daily environment, enabling performance to be assessed basically ‘up to the minute’. It has extended our capability whilst enabling us to save resources.”

- Dean Hayward, IT Manager, Prinovis

Skills Utilized

  • .NET
  • SQL
  • Graphing solutions
  •  Entity frameworks
  • MVC
  • Dynamic XML Monitoring

Prinovis’ UK Factory is the largest gravure printer in the UK, producing high-quality magazines and brochures including time-critical weekly periodicals. It is the UK base of an Anglo-German group of Gravure Printers owned by Bertelsmann.

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