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Career spotlight: A Graduate Developer's first 6 Months at Village

Author: Peter Reid 18/05/2022

"The old cliché of software developers working alone in a dark office couldn’t be further from the truth at Village."

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Graham James 10/05/2022

The Power of your Data: How to Drive Business Intelligence in your SME

With the right business intelligence software, even small companies can use their existing data to gain strategic advantages. For years now, SMEs have been drowning in d…

Helen Macaskill 21/03/2022

Meeting the Community at SQLBits 2022

Meeting the Community at SQLBits 2022 In a previous life as a PhD student, I spent a lot of time making what were effectively tiny little TV screens with a single pixel. …

Graham James 08/03/2022

Five Everyday Processes You Should Automate Using Power Automate

Today’s businesses need digital solutions that save time, elevate efficiency and, above all, are easy to use. Microsoft has the answer with Power Automate.

Graham James 17/01/2022

Digital Maturity: what it is and how to achieve it

You've probably heard the term, but what does it really mean? Digital maturity is essentially a measure of how well an organisation can respond to technological trends. H…

Johnny Read 16/09/2021

Insider Media identify Village Software as “One to Watch”

Village Software are one of 30 businesses identified as Liverpool’s most inspirational companies to watch by North West Business Insider.


Developing Faster with Low-Code - the middle ground between off the shelf and custom app development

Microsoft Power Apps – the world’s most complete low-code application development platform for mobile and web apps.

Graham James 04/08/2021

Guide to becoming a Data Driven organisation

Becoming a data-driven organisation: A Blueprint for getting there

Graham James 22/06/2021

Spotlight on Rutland Cycling BI

Rutland Cycling: A Company benefiting from an investment in Business Intelligence.