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Graham James 10/05/2022

The Power of your Data: How to Drive Business Intelligence in your SME

With the right business intelligence software, even small companies can use their existing data to gain strategic advantages. For years now, SMEs have been drowning in d…


Which Power BI license should you use?

In this post, you will learn about the licensing plans in Power BI and at the end of it, hopefully, you will have a better idea of what will fit the bill for your busines…


SQLBits 2017: A Look Back

This time next week Dominic & I will be absorbing the latest in data development at SQLBits in London.  Last year I went with the aim of improving my understanding an…

Dominic Bisset 12/01/2018

Database DevOps

DevOps is a well-established practice when it comes to application development but migrating databases poses additional problems.  There could be differences in the defin…

Dominic Bisset 01/12/2017

Get Answers Faster with ThoughtSpot

Why wait for the answers to your business questions? Martin and I spent last week at ThoughtSpot's first Delivery and Implementation Bootcamp, where we've been delving in…