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Dominic Bisset 12/01/2018

Database DevOps

DevOps is a well-established practice when it comes to application development but migrating databases poses additional problems.  There could be differences in the defin…


Microsoft Teams - Managing communication internally

As one of the senior developers and project managers at Village, it's my responsibility to make sure our customers have the best end-to-end experience possible. Projects …

Dominic Bisset 26/05/2016

Advanced Data Capture and Reporting in Excel with VBA

At Village we push Excel Macros to their limit. Excel’s accessibility and omnipresence are its greatest strengths. It’s a pretty safe bet that you’ll have opened it up at…


Why Azure?

Microsoft Azure is a service we use to host websites, web services, and databases, powered by Microsoft's datacentres around the world. Azure supports a dazzling array of…