Tunnel Operator Forum 'boring'?

Date: Tuesday, November 14, 2017

Not when you are having your project with Highways England and SVS recognised as an example of a good collaborative project! That means ontime, to budget and ultimately of great potential benefit to road safety. 

The software for The Tunnel Test Bed that Village created will allow suppliers of any safety detection equipment to have their equipment evaluated by Highways England and it will also help suppliers to test new detection technology prior to evaluation. It is based at Southwick Hill Tunnel which is twin bore, two lanes per bore, and on the busy A27 just outside Brighton.

The Forum is quite an unusual gathering; there is an over-riding focus of improving safety and security for road users and tunnel workers by exploring and sharing ways of working, evaluating new standards, investigating new technologies and sharing ideas and problems with a common focus.  

Thanks to SVS and Highways England for inviting me!.... a very 'tunnelesque' venue!   :-)