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The Twelfth Man: Why Software Systems Give Companies the Critical Edge

Integrating new IT systems into existing organisations has long been notoriously difficult, expensive and error-prone ... but ... one stubborn issue seems to remain ...

Ste Griffiths 30/08/2018

How I learned to love unit testing

The idea of unit testing used to rob me of the joy of programming. So what changed for it to become one of the most fun parts?

Ste Griffiths 21/08/2018

Practical steps to get started with agile supply chain

Agile supply chain is all about responding to change in a highly-variable commerce environment. We work with B2B companies who have high-variability settings and have lea…


Navigating the Evolving Web - Part IV: VueJS

VueJS is unique amongst the frameworks represented here in that it is not backed by a multi-million dollar company but rather by a small team. Evan You was working at Goo…

Dominic Bisset 13/06/2018

Celebrating Margaret's 25th year at Village

Last week we celebrated Margaret’s 25th anniversary at Village. From her accidental fall into programming many years ago while inventing a function-like notation for knit…


Navigating the Evolving Web - Part III: React

React was very much a product of its time. The technological turbulence of 2013 brought with it tectonic changes. Mobile had risen to become the No.1 digital consumer pla…


Work ≠ Stress

May 14th – 20th is Mental Health Awareness Week, this year the Mental Health Foundation (MHF) is focusing on Stress. Stress is something that affects both our mental and…


Navigating the Evolving Web - Part II: Angular

Angular has the longest history of the three frameworks we are looking at with development going back to 2009. However, 2014 saw a complete rebuild of the platform. The o…


Navigating the Evolving Web - Part I

In the beginning, the web was ... relatively simple. A site had text and pictures and links to other sites with more text and more pictures. And it was good. Over time, …