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Developing Faster with Low-Code - the middle ground between off the shelf and custom app development

Microsoft Power Apps – the world’s most complete low-code application development platform for mobile and web apps.

Graham James 04/08/2021

Guide to becoming a Data Driven organisation

Becoming a data-driven organisation: A Blueprint for getting there

Graham James 22/06/2021

Spotlight on Rutland Cycling BI

Rutland Cycling: A Company benefiting from an investment in Business Intelligence.


introduction to Business Intelligence (BI) for business leaders

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Developing a Custom Xero Data Connector for Power BI

When the connection is missing.....

Chris Begley 08/04/2021

Joining a moving train during a global pandemic.....

Getting on board

Johnny Read 10/02/2021

5P’s of Lockdown Worklife, Play, Potential, Purpose, Punctuation, Presence.

10 months after we initially dispersed the Village team to our homes, how are we doing. Well operationally and commercially things have been OK. We’ve been able to help c…

Graham James 08/10/2020

GCloud 12 Framework Agreement awarded to Village Software

Liverpool, October 2020 – The UK Government’s Crown Commercial Service has awarded the GCloud 12 Framework Agreement to Village Software.  Village Software offer solution…