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Some days you just get the nice jobs!

We were delighted today to present Liz from Orcha with their winner's certificate and bottle of bubble! Orcha are the Merseyside Innovation Award winner for the month of …


Teaching Algorithmic Thinking to Pupils

As part of my degree at University of Liverpool, I am teaching Year 9 & 10 pupils on Wednesdays. The fact that I will be able to share my passion for Computer Science…


Machine Learning at SQLBits

I had my first look into the data science domain just over a month ago. Here at Village, we had a machine learning research day. The day itself was an interesting experie…

Johnny Read 25/02/2019

Machine Learning Fun

A January Friday we had a machine learning research day, a team of Village Engineers got together to look at an industrial machine learning problem.   Everybody likes a p…


Which Power BI license should you use?

In this post, you will learn about the licensing plans in Power BI and at the end of it, hopefully, you will have a better idea of what will fit the bill for your busines…


The Twelfth Man: Why Software Systems Give Companies The Critical Edge - Part II

In the first of this two-part series, we discussed why modern organisations need to understand and adapt to the technological landscape they find themselves in. In this s…


The Twelfth Man: Why Software Systems Give Companies the Critical Edge

Integrating new IT systems into existing organisations has long been notoriously difficult, expensive and error-prone ... but ... one stubborn issue seems to remain ...

Ste Griffiths 30/08/2018

How I learned to love unit testing

The idea of unit testing used to rob me of the joy of programming. So what changed for it to become one of the most fun parts?

Ste Griffiths 21/08/2018

Practical steps to get started with agile supply chain

Agile supply chain is all about responding to change in a highly-variable commerce environment. We work with B2B companies who have high-variability settings and have lea…