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Celebrating Margaret's 25th year at Village

Author: Dominic Bisset 13/06/2018

Last week we celebrated Margaret’s 25th anniversary at Village. From her accidental fall into programming many years ago while inventing a function-like notation for knitting patterns, she’s spent her entire professional lifetime offering both a logical brain and different perspective to h…

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Lance Edusei 25/05/2018

Navigating the Evolving Web - Part III: React

React was very much a product of its time. The technological turbulence of 2013 brought with it tectonic changes. Mobile had risen to become the No.1 digital consumer pla…

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Kat Todd 18/05/2018

Work ≠ Stress

May 14th – 20th is Mental Health Awareness Week, this year the Mental Health Foundation (MHF) is focusing on Stress. Stress is something that affects both our mental and…

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Lance Edusei 04/05/2018

Navigating the Evolving Web - Part II: Angular

Angular has the longest history of the three frameworks we are looking at with development going back to 2009. However, 2014 saw a complete rebuild of the platform. The o…

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Lance Edusei 27/04/2018

Navigating the Evolving Web - Part I

In the beginning, the web was ... relatively simple. A site had text and pictures and links to other sites with more text and more pictures. And it was good. Over time, …

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Dominic Bisset 23/04/2018

Data Quest Round Up

The first ever Village Data Quest is complete! Data Quest is a programming competition conceived by the Business Intelligence team here at Village, aimed at raising the …

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Graham James 19/04/2018

Village attend MACH 2018 with Differentia Consulting

Together with our strategic alliance partner, Differentia Consulting, Village Software exhibited at MACH 2018 at the NEC in Birmingham, the UK’s premier manufacturing tec…

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Kaja Chłostowska 06/04/2018

Cross-Platform Mobile Development with Xamarin

In my last post, I wrote about different approaches to mobile development and why cross-platform development should be a preferred approach for those who want their apps …

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Kaja Chłostowska 16/03/2018

Introduction to Cross-Platform Mobile Development

Smartphones nowadays come in all shapes and sizes, but the differences do not end there. When you think about developing a mobile app, it is important to consider differe…

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Johnny Read 09/03/2018

Introducing: The Village Data Quest

We have been planning the Village Data Quest, a BI puzzle to talent spot the upcoming talent in business intelligence. Under our Data Quest Moto 'Habeo Omnes Oves' (if yo…

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