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3 Real-Life Business Intelligence Success Stories

Author: Graham James 05/12/2023

What is Business Intelligence (BI)? Business Intelligence, commonly abbreviated as BI, is a technology-driven process that involves the analysis and presentation of data to assist business leaders, managers, and stakeholders in making well-informed choices. In the corporate realm, BI enco…

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Graham James 31/10/2023

The Horrors of data chaos: symptoms that your business is a victim

Data chaos lurks in many businesses, often operating in plain sight but in heavy disguise so as to not to be identified. Data chaos causes a nightmare of disorganised, di…

Helen Macaskill 23/07/2023

Data Quest 2023

In May Village software hosted Data Quest, a competition to engage university students from across the North West to work in teams to solve a business intelligence relate…

Graham James 26/06/2023

A Data Driven-Culture: the meaning, the importance, and how to create one

Data-driven decision-making is the process of using data to make informed decisions that can help businesses to achieve their goals. This approach has gained significant …

Graham James 17/05/2023

The Power of Data: Business Intelligence in Wholesale Distribution

Business intelligence (BI) is quickly becoming an essential tool for wholesale distribution businesses of all sizes. With the right BI solutions in place, these organisat…

Helen Macaskill 23/03/2023

My Latest Adventure – Helping and Learning at SQLBits 2023

Every year, hundreds of data experts and enthusiasts from all around the world gather ranks for SQLBits, the largest data platform conference in Europe. This year’s event…

Cassie Wong 20/02/2023

Cassie spends three inspiring days at NDC London

Cassie Wong was flying the flag for Village Software at last month’s NDC London conference - one of Europe’s largest events for .NET and Agile Development.

Graham James 02/02/2023

How to create a solid data strategy in 8 key steps

Data-driven decisions are essential for successful businesses, but only if you have a strong data strategy. The benefits of a solid data strategy extend beyond just da…

Johnny Read 02/01/2023

Business Intelligence in Manufacturing

Our experience of working with manufacturing is that there is a lot of data, it is spread between inbuilt reports, business intelligence systems and a lot of spreadsheets…

Johnny Read 23/11/2022

What Is Low Code Development and Why Should You Care?

Low-code development is not just about efficient app building. It’s a way for organisations to create business-critical software faster and do more with the same resource…