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Dominic Bisset 13/06/2018

Celebrating Margaret's 25th year at Village

Last week we celebrated Margaret’s 25th anniversary at Village. From her accidental fall into programming many years ago while inventing a function-like notation for knit…

Kat Todd 18/05/2018

Work ≠ Stress

May 14th – 20th is Mental Health Awareness Week, this year the Mental Health Foundation (MHF) is focusing on Stress. Stress is something that affects both our mental and…

Dominic Bisset 23/04/2018

Data Quest Round Up

The first ever Village Data Quest is complete! Data Quest is a programming competition conceived by the Business Intelligence team here at Village, aimed at raising the …

Johnny Read 09/03/2018

Introducing: The Village Data Quest

We have been planning the Village Data Quest, a BI puzzle to talent spot the upcoming talent in business intelligence. Under our Data Quest Moto 'Habeo Omnes Oves' (if yo…


Making a 'Special Contribution' Beyond the Code

The fact I am writing this post on the Village Software website probably gives away the fact that I am a software developer in my day job. However, there is a little more…